Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week 5: Derek Anderson

Cleveland you have a problem. You have two quarterbacks and both of them are terrible. No, really. You know what the old saying is? If you have two quarterbacks, that means you really have none. Now, on to Derek Anderson. This man is a starting qb and could only manage 2 - 2! - completions. Against the Bills, a team that does not know what rushing the passer even means. That is the very definition of FAIL. This is a man that got the job after overrated whiner extraordinaire, Brady Quinn, got pushed violently onto the bench.

Now I know that two of you suggested Mike Sims-Walker, but how are you going to blame that man for trying to get laid. He needed to get laid to have a good game, he just wasn't smart enough to get a hooker to come to his room. Stop Hatin!

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