Monday, September 21, 2009

Week 1 Ho Stable: Leodis McKelvin

The quintessential sign that someone should be riding the pine or fucking cut from the team is when they do something insanely stupid and then say they would do it again. That person is Leodis McKelvin. Really, dude? It's not that you fumbled, that happens in 90% of games by even the best players. But saying you would do it again is fucking retarded and everyone knows it.

LEODIS - Sit your punk ass down. No one knew who you were until you fumbled away victory. You do not have to be the hero when your team is already winning. Here's a tip: when the team you are playing just marched down the field in less than a minute and everyone is concerned they will get the ball back, take the fucking knee in the endzone. That's what a hero would do.

No wonder a bunch of kids vandalized your house. No, really. If I were a Bills fan (and thank god I'm not), I would have been right there with them. It's a good thing you refused to press charges. I doubt a jury in Buffalo (or anywhere - it's principle really) would have convicted them. They probably would have convicted you somehow. That's something we can all get behind.

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