Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week 1 Nominees

New season, new bitches. Leave your nominees here!


Adam said...

Ah yes, a brand new season, and a new opportunity to bitch about the hoes that didn't get it done.

1. Jay "Whines like a little bitch" Cutler. You turn into a whiny bitch and demand to be traded from Denver. You get your wish; you go to Chicago. Your first game is at Lambeau Field against the Bears' arch rival - the Packers. You're pumped, you're fired up, and then you throw 4 INTs. Unbelievable.

2. The Baltimore Ravens defense. You gave up 24 points to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs!!! They were on their second string QB before the season started! How pathetic. Ray Lewis needs to go back to what he he does best - being a murderer's aid and obstructing justice.

Matt said...

Jake Delhomme. One (admittedly epic) playoff failure doesn't make you radioactive. But giving up 4 INTs and 3 sacks to the Eagles without even completing half of your passes or throwing for a TD in Week 1 makes you radioactive (and in serious need of benching). Bonus stat: if you count the INTs as completions, Delhomme actually completed more than half of his pass attempts.

Mike_in_MD said...

Here we go, the hoes was shining in Week 1:
Up first is the Bill's Leodi McKlevin. Who? Yeah, same thing I said. I mean seriously dude, I wouldn't know who you were until this week. I am not a Bills fan by any stretch, but after the 1 hour Brady love session that I had to endure in the pregame show, I wanted to see the Pat-cheat-iots lose this one. Your team had the game wrapped up until you decided you wanted to make your own highlight and take the kickoff out of the end zone. That was not so bad of a decision, but when you were getting tackled you decided to try to fight for more yards and fumbled. To make it worse, the kicker recovered the fumbled. The kicker. The fool says he would do it again too. You sir are the modern day Leon Lett. Sorry, but you are not T.O.'s BFF.

Next up is Jamarcus Russell. What can I say about my Raiders. We played a good game, but did not win it in the end. I have to point the finger at you Jamarcus. You sucked it up big time. You missed wide open passes to your receivers. Save for that one long pass to your rookie receiver and a few passes across to your tight end, you really stunk it up. Your passes were so wild that they could not even be intercepted by the defense. Otherwise, you would have had a Cutlerish or Delhommeish night. We could have sent in a Pop Warner quarterback to do a better job. Get it together man.