Thursday, October 30, 2008

Week 8 Nominees

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Adam said...

Kellen Whines-low, Tight Ass, Cleveland Browns. Should a player win this award two weeks in a row? Should a player win the award twice in one year? Should he win the award for a week his ass wasn't even playing? Only if your name is Kellen Winslow, Jr. There is debate about his hole going public with the staph infection, but he's been around long enough to know, there are some things you keep in the locker room. Damnit, Kellen, you're father is a Hall of Fame TE. You know better than most the whole concept of team. Then, you get your ass suspended, not to mention your dismal year thus far. I guess that Heisman pose in week one of your senior year at Miami wasn't such a great idea. Hey Kellen, how are the Browns doing with you? They're 1-4; without your sorry ass? 2-0. Sit your ass down, ho.

Jeremy Shockey-Nobody, TE, N'awlens Saints. Another of those fucking TEs from Miami. What the hell is wrong with them? He's supposed to be the big bad ass, next generation TE. He plays for the Giants how long, and they win the Super Bowl when his ass is injured. And your Saints are doing great, let me tell you. And that catch for 9 yards last week? Good enough for 0 pts fuck nut.

Chad "Johnson" Ocho Cinco, WR, Cincinnati Bungles. Again, this is more a seasonal nominee. Last week, 44 yards for the latest in this recent trend of Diva wide receivers. I have an idea. Why don't you go fucking catch the ball in the end zone instead of running your goddamn mouth. This season, after 8 games, 312 yards, 2 TDs. Wait, what's that Ocho Johnson? You want more money or out of Cincy? Better demonstrate you can catch the damn ball, kid.

Plexiglass Buress, WR, New York Giants. He was suspended for a week earlier this season for being an asshole, now he didn't start, came in sometime in the second quarter, and caught 15 yards for the game. Another of these Diva wide receivers. Time for them to get their Diva dicks out of their own Diva asses and catch the fucking ball. Hey douche bag, the ball goes into your hands, not your ass.

Edgerrin James, Fumbling Back, Arizona Cardinals. 17 yards, 1 fumble. Do I need to say more? Does it help that he's also from Miami?

Brett Fav-ra, QB, New York Jets. I struggled with this nomination. He did throw 2 TDs, but he also threw 3 INTs, and that's now 3 TDs and 7 INTs in the past 3 games. He wanted to come back and play one more year. Be careful what you wish for, Brett, you may get the HSD award.