Monday, October 13, 2008

Week 6 Nominees

Your Week 6 nominees belong here and try to think out of the box people. Thanks.


Jeff said...

Field judge Mike Weir and the rest of the officiating team* of the Lions Vikings game.

"The NFL owes the Lions an apology."

"Referee Tony Corrente told a pool reporter afterward that Bodden 'played through the back of the receiver.' But Bodden insisted — and replays confirmed his stance — that he simply turned to play the ball, which is the defender’s right within the rules."
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"The phantom, late pass interference against Leigh Bodden, and the lost play review on Calvin Johnson’s “fumble”, that should have been overturned, where it was determined that the evidence of Johnson’s knee hitting the turf before his “fumble” was not irrefutable, will each stick out like sore thumbs, as the Lions continue to blindly grasp for their first victory this season."
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Despite being about a different officiating team, USA Today's insightful look into the preparations of officials might explains some of the problems:
"NFL referee Ed Hochuli's final preparations for Sunday's game between the Detroit Lions and the Washington Redskins began with three rubber ducks, three stuffed bears and a plunger."
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*however, this nomination does not dampen my dream of being an NFL ref.

Jeff said...

in all fairness, Lion's QB Dan Orlovsky deserves an honorable mention for running out of the end zone for a safety.

Admittedly, "Just a dumb play by me."
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Adam said...

Braylon Edwards, WR, Cleveland Browns. 5 receptions, 154 yards, and 1 TD. Ooops, sorry, force of habit.

Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants. 18-28, 196 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT, and a piss poor attempt at takling. Eric Wright picked off one of Manning's passes on the Cleveland 6 yard line and did his best Flash Gordon impression the other way. Manning, the track star that he is, ran to get Wright. As he tried to strip the ball, Wright just blew right by him, tip toeing on the sideline for about 10 yards before finally reaching the end zone. Manning, if you're going to throw as many picks as you do, learn how to fucking push somebody out of bounds. And his other two picks showed that Manning had no idea what he was doing. The Dawg Pound got the better of him. I admit, I am a lifelong Cleveland Brown fan, having been born and raised in the metropolitan area. The Giants were the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Browns were 1-3 and just sucked.

The New England defense. 30 points allowed on SNF. I thought Bill Belch-a-Chicken was a defensive genius.

Adam said...

The Chicago Bears. I watched this game too. How do you march down the field down by 6 (19-13) late in the 4th quarter, score a TD with 8 seconds left, and lose the fucking game 22-20? How?

Mike_in_MD said...

Ho Ho Ho, it looks like Christmas came early. Oh wait, its time to sit some hos down. Let's go:

Ho Numero Uno (#1): Points allowed: 27, Sacks: 0, Interceptions: 0, Fantasy Points: 0. Who is this, why it's the sorry excuse for the Carolina defense. They allowed the aging Bucs and Jeff "I'm playing for my old job back" Garcia to run rampant over them. If its any condolence (it's not), their offense only score 3 points. Welcome to the waiver wire Panthers.

Ho Numero Dos (#2): Terrell "TO" Owens, 36 yards and no touchdowns against the Cardinals....What? I didn't know the Cards had a defense. How about calling something other than a go route or a post for TO, try a slant or put him in motion every once in a while. I think the other teams have figured it out. Or take a note from Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald and just throw it out there and let him use his height to his advantage (cross-reference Randy Moss). You have to sit down cause Romo broke his pinky. But, more importantly, you have to sit down because of this: T.O. in yellow sweater dressed like a jockey

HO Numero Tres (#3): Another nod for Eli Manning. Not for his terrible stats, but because he threw his only touchdown pass to Plaxico Burress to cause me to lose my fantasy game by 1 point. Why not just throw another interception.....why?????????