Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Week 4 Ho Stable: Chris Perry

It is getting a little too easy to pick on players from Ohio teams over and over again - like picking on Sarah Palin easy. I think it is because teams in Ohio blow -- both pro and college. Probably high school too, I don't know? I'd put money on it.

I didn't even know who Chris Perry was until this week, but man it turns out he went to Michigan. I wonder if he thinks he is a fucking model too, like tweedle dee and tweedle twat? Probably. I am not picking on Michigan, I swear.

Welcome to the big leagues Chris! Word on the street is that rushing for 28 yards and still coughing up the football means you kinda suck. Maybe he could be McNabb's stunt double on McNabb's shittiest day? Or maybe he could double for Tiger Woods? From the looks of it, Chris is probably not good at golf either. Well then, maybe Chris needs to sit his ass down? I'm sure the Bengals have some depth on the bench that can take up the slack. Nah, we all know that's not true.

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