Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer's Eve has an Official Spokesman

Picking a ho who needs to sit down every week is not an easy task. There are SO MANY and narrowing it down to one is not easy. Once football season starts, and the Tuesday Ho of the Week is related to fantasy football, it will be easier. This week's nominations: Anquan Boldin, John McCain (too easy), The American People, Judge Ernest B. Murphy, and our winner: Joe Lieberman. I don't have any problem saying this:

Joe Lieberman Needs to Sit His Ass Down

One of these men is a retard. The other is a giant douche. Can you tell which is which?

Now you might think I'm saying this because he endorsed John McCain but that's not it. No, I'm all for that bipartisan crap. I love Chuck Hagel. Don't agree with him on 95% of things, but he's smart and tough. If I were 70 years old and a housewife in Nebraska, I might think he was hot too. You might even think it's because ole Joe is speaking at the Republican convention. That's not it either, but it is the catalyst for this post.

The real reason Lieberman needs to sit his ass down is that when America needed an attack dog, attacking W and Darth Cheney eight years ago and pointing out their deep, deep flaws, Lieberman was the lamest weakest motherfucker on the planet. And now that he's McCain's lap dog he is on the attack all the time -- and maybe if he acted the same way back in 2000, we wouldn't have gotten stuck with the brain dead assholes that are currently in power, screwing up the economy, keeping us mired in war, and now - getting up in Russia's face - despite the fact that Georgia is not cute or funny and our military is already stretched out like Jenna Jameson's vagina (what's that diplomacy thing again?).

We all know ole Joe is acting like this because he wants to be VP worse than anything in the whole world. And since McCain is 1000 years old, he'll get a good shot at being president too. If McCain picks Lieberman as VP, then I'll make him my Pimp of the Year, because if 2000 proved anything, it's that Lieberman is dead weight and a waste of space, and that will damn near guarantee an Obama win. We can all drink to that.


AG said...

Oh please Senator McCain throw him on your ticket! Please!

Anonymous said...

Lieberman does need to sit his ass down, but so too does his Republican gay lover Grampy McSame and the rest of the Neo-Cons. Time and Time again they show that they don't give two shits for the American people. They destroy America and hide beyond the stars and stripes of our flag. And the American people see it and eat it up. I love America, but damn I hate Americans. Fuck the people!