Monday, August 25, 2008

8/26 Ho Nominees

Leave 'em in the comments.


Adam said...

Condi Rice. Fuck, where do I start? For telling Russia that it's response to the Georgian conflict was out of touch with 21st Century politics. For telling America that her timetable for withdrawal was a sign of strength and stability, contrast to the Democrats time table which was nothing more than a retreat. For getting nothing done as Sec'y of State. For just being a Ho.

Matt said...

Two nominations:

Manny Ramirez for continuing to slam the Red Sox after getting what he wanted in a trade to LA

Willard Mitt Romney for being the GOP's attack dog during the Democratic convention even though he tried to paint Shannon O'Brien as out-of-touch in 2002 and tried to out-liberal Ted Kennedy in 1994. (Which suggests that the real ho that should sit down is the GOP for using Romney in this role at all.)

Anita said...

That black woman crying about Hillary on Cnn. I usually try not to be embarrassed by other black people, but she was very ignorant. I was ashamed for my race AND my gender.

Adam said...

Second nominee from me - Bill O'Reilly. Yeah, it may be an obvious choice, but just a moment ago he interviewed Rep. Kucinich. When Kucinich said that Putin approached Bush in 2001 to meet about reduction in nuclear arms, Bush's response was to negate a Non-Proliferation Treaty. O'Reilly said Bush did this because "[Bush] knew that Russia would invade somebody, and that was proven true a few weeks ago in Georgia."