Monday, September 8, 2008

Your Nominees!

Your nominees for this week are appreciated. Yeah, I slacked last week but hey, shit happens or something, I don't know?? Football season is just now starting so any complaints about presason* can kick, thanks.

<---- I have been shackled to this, ok?

*Preseason is a tease anyway.


Adam said...

Braylon Edwards, my beloved Michigan Wolverine and Cleveland Brown. His ass only caught 14 yards, but he DROPPED some serious fucking passes. I watched the game. He dropped at least 3 1st downs and/or momentum changing plays. Plus, he's a no. 1 fantasy receiver. 14 yards? Are you fucking kidding me?

Mike_in_MD said...

Chad Ocho Cinco "screw it I can't call him that" Johnson. For legally changing his name to his crap, but not playing good enough to back it up having a legal nickname. TJ Houzmahowdoyaspellit will surpass you as the leading receiver on this team. Go sit down with your 2 fantasy points.

Matt said...

Todd Heap. Go ahead, blame a Raven: 1 reception for 5 years -- that he promptly fumbled.

Adam said...

This isn't an official HSD nominee, but the Bulgaria women's hockey team should sit their asses down.