Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week 2 Nominees

Your thoughtfully considered week 2 nominees should be placed here.


Matt said...

Two nominees:

1. Derek Anderson. 166 yds, 2 INTs, and 2 sacks for at most 2 lousy points? This should be a rule for fantasy football: never pick a player who plays his home games in Ohio. (That I didn't lose on Anderson's performance alone is amazing.)

2. Jeremy Shockey. 22 yards and one fumble. 0.7 points. Need I say more?

Jeff said...

1) I'll second Jeremy Shockey for the same reasons above.

2) Braylon Edwards: despite being last week's winner and despite tripling his fan points week-over-week, 3 catches for 32 yards along with two drops might qualify BE for an encore performance.

Mike_in_MD said...

So many hoes to sit down this week, but I will limit my nominees.

1. Yahoo Fantasy Football for requiring you to purchase their Stat Tracker just to get real-time stats. Nice move capitalizing on fantasy fans. Good job on teasing us with this feature the first week. Imagine my surprise when I logged in on Sunday and saw that message. I have better things to do with my 10 bucks, like fuel my gas guzzler. Now I have to calculate my stats myself. Wait, did Microsoft buy you?

2. Michael Turner. You were studly in week 1......when I had you on my bench. 34 points week 1, 4 points week 2. I should have known better Tampa Bay has a good run defense. You played the Lions the first week, who a senior citizen with a prosthetic hip could run on. Now your ankle is sore, can I rely on you next week? Please give me a sign....

3. Randy Moss. See Matt Cassel. 2 points, 22 yards. I took that personally. Guess it will be that type of season without your man Brady. At least the football world's crush on the Patriots will stop soon.

Signing off....McNabby

Adam said...

Top rank education at USC? $120,000. Receiving that education through an athletic scholarship? $0 Heisman Trophy? 1328 votes. Starting QB in the NFL? $10,000,000 Hates Ohio State as much as I do? Priceless. 137 Passing yards, 0 TD, 2 INT and 1 Fum (not lost) in Week 2? Worthless. There are some things money can buy, for everything else, there's Carson Palmer.