Thursday, September 25, 2008

Week 3 Ho Stable: Jake Delhomme

Yeah, I know I took forever to update this week, but I am on vacation this week and sat around on my ass on a plane for approximately 8000 years. I am now at your service forever and ever and ever. F you and your nomination Adam! Sit your ass down! This week's nominees were difficult because there are so many and then there are so many outside of the football context.

This week's winner is the beautifully awful Jake Delhomme who actually got most people negative points in their leagues and needs to sit his ass down right now. His wonderful stats: 191 yds, 5 sacks, 3 fumbles, 2 of those lost in the ether. There's no way their backup quarterback can be worse than this.

Normally I would say that if you have Jake Delhomme as your starting QB, you deserve whatever the hell happens to your team, because Eureka!, he has been bad forever. But a lot of people have been forced to use him because of Tom Brady's stupid injury and Vince Young's descent into being a pussy. This was Jake Delhomme's time to shine. Instead, he's a shining example of how awful things can be when you have some below average schmoe running your offense.


Adam said...

Wait, hold up here. You can't tell my ass to sit down and you can't tell Jake "The Flake" Delhomme to sit his ass down too. You have to decide who really is the winner here. You think vacation is an excuse? There is no excuse.

Adam said...

And, I didn't realize we could use point numbers from other leagues to justify our HSD nominees. I realize this week is over, but some food for thought - Ben Worthlisburger had had 131 yards passing, 7 yards rushing, 1 INT, 2 FUM, and god knows how many sacks. Delhomme on the other hand had 191 yards and 2 FUM. -3.08 to -0.18 in my league. Not even close. You just thought you could take a week off, parachute back into HSD, and save the day. Unbelievable HSD McCain. Unbelievable.